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At Manhattan Beach Dental Esthetics, we have acquired the pinnacle in X-ray technology. Our state of the art digital X-ray machine emmits over 90% less radiation than standard X-ray machines.

X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool that we use to screen for cavities. The films reveal any discrepancies that exist with regard to the density of the hard minerals within the tooth structure. A cavity that has weakened a certain area of the dentition shows up darker than the rest of the tooth.

Panoramic X-Rays

There are numerous schools of thought on the inditions of panoramic X-rays. Some believe that they are only indicated when a patient develops symptoms. We at Dental Esthetics feel that every patient should have a panoramic X-ray at the Initial Appointment and then one every two to three years.

We strongly believe that the earlier an abnormal appearance on the film is addressed, the better the prognosis is for that lesion