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Endodontic Root Canal

Mention the words "root canal" to anyone over the age of 30, and you'll likely be met with a look of fear. However, thanks to ongoing research and advanced endodontic techniques, the dreaded "root canal" is happily a thing of the past. Today's root canals are as effortless as a teeth cleaning, performed with minimal discomfort and only a short stay in the dentist's chair.

Endodontics is a dental specialization focusing on the tooth root and dental pulp (connective tissue that nourishes the tooth from the inside). Endodontists are dentists with extra endodontic therapy training focusing solely on this aspect of dental care.

The root canal, a form of endodontic therapy, is a very common procedure responsible for saving the teeth of thousands of people. When an infection exists in the pulp, damage to the tooth nerve may result. The root canal procedure can save the infected tooth from extraction.

Not all patients experiencing tooth root problems need root canal therapy. If it is determined that you do, the endodontist safely removes the infected pulp, replacing it with a special, biocompatible filling material that keeps the dental canal healthy and restores tooth function. A porcelain crown will be required to complete your root canal treatment, and you will receive a temporary crown until you meet with the dentist.

Reasons for Endodontic Treatment

  • Tooth infection — Infections in the tooth root may cause abscesses, pain, and irreversible nerve damage.
  • Tooth decay — Undetected cavities send bacteria down the tooth root, endangering blood vessels and nerves.
  • Tooth injury — Damage to the tooth nerve can place the tooth in danger.

Our Experienced Endodontic Specialist

At Manhattan Beach Dental Esthetics, Dr. Arash Panah solves tooth root infections with pain-free root canals. During your visit, your condition will be assessed and a treatment plan will be created to ensure recovery from the infection and optimal dental health in the future.