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Periodontal Exams

Periodontal disease develops over a course of time, when the plaque on your teeth calcifies. This hard and durable meshwork harbors bacteria that are detrimental to your gums and the bony structures supporting your teeth.


There are numerous ways to diagnose periodontal disease. Early signs include bleeding from your gums after brushing or flossing (Gingivitis). More consistent diagnostic tools are the probing we take of your gums. A small instrument is inserted between your tooth and gum, and the depth of penetration reveals the condition of your gums. The most reliable tool, however, is the bone loss that is evident on x-rays.

Fortunately, most of these conditions can be resolved with a cleaning. A simple cleaning is limited to the tooth services above your gums, but advanced stages of periodontal disease require a deep cleaning. Sometimes, gum surgery is required to access the depths of the gums for a more thorough debridement.


Homecare, however, is the most important factor in clinical success. You must brush and floss regularly to maintain your periodontal health!