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Dental Health Exam

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Dentistry places a large emphasis on disease prevention. Regular exams and cleanings can circumvent many conditions before they worsen. An early cavity is relatively easy to manage at its incipient stages. It is simply removed and a restoration is placed. The size of the lesion determines the type of restoration to be used. If the cavity has destroyed a significant amount of tooth structure, then a crown might be a more suitable remedy.

If a vacity is large enough to have reached the pulp (the nerve of the tooth), then symptoms develop. These range from cold sensitivity to throbbing pain that keeps you awake at night. Root Canal Therapy is the recommended treatment in this situation. The nerve is removed, the canals are cleansed and filled with a sealer that will prevent a recurrence of infection.

Most root canal treated teeth need to be restored with crowns. Hence, a cavity in its early stages is easier and less costly to manage but an advanced cavity requires more effort, time, and finances to manage. It is essential to keep up with regular dental appointments and treatment in order to treat these lesions early.